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PF KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB Switch Amplifier

PF KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB Switch Amplifier
PF KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB Switch Amplifier

Switch Amplifier KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB

  • 1-channel isolated barrier
  • 24 V DC supply (Power Rail)
  • Dry contact or NAMUR input
  • 2 passive transistor outputs
  • Usable as signal splitter (1 input and 2 outputs)
  • Reversible mode of operation
  • Line fault detection (LFD)
  • Housing width 12.5 mm
  • SIL 2 (SC 3) acc. to IEC/EN 61508

Switch Amplifier KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB

This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications.

The device transfers digital signals (NAMUR sensors or dry contacts) from a hazardous area to a safe area.

The input controls two passive transistor outputs.

Via switches the mode of operation can be reversed and the line fault detection can be switched off.

Via switch the function of the second output can be defined as a signal output or an error output.

A fault is signalized by LEDs acc. to NAMUR NE44 and a separate collective error message output.


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