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KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP Pepperl Fuchs safe barrier 100% original

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     Pepperl Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP safe barrier 100% original


    Product overview

    Other selection model for Pepperl Fuchs safe barrier K-system as below:

    • KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB

    • KCD2-SR-Ex2

    • KFA6-DU-Ex1.D

    • KFA6-ER-Ex1.W.LB

    • KFA6-SOT2-Ex2

    • KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W

    • KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W.LB

    • KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W

    • KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W.IR

    • KFD2-DU-Ex1.D

    • KFD2-ELD-Ex16

    • KFD2-ER-Ex1.W.LB

    • KFD2-SH-Ex1

    • KFD2-SH-Ex1.T.OP

    • KFD2-SOT3-Ex1.LB

    • KFD2-SOT3-Ex1.LB.IO

    • KFD2-SOT3-Ex2

    • KFD2-SOT3-Ex2.IO

    • KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W

    • KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W.LB

    • KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W

    • KFD2-SR3-Ex2.2S

    • KFD2-SRA-Ex4

    • KFD2-ST3-Ex1.LB

    • KFD2-ST3-Ex2

    • KHA6-SH-Ex1

    • KCD2-SON-Ex1

    • KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB

    • KCD2-SOT-Ex2

    • KCD2-SOT-Ex2.SP

    • KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP

    • KCD2-SR-Ex2.SP

    • KCD2-ST-Ex1.LB

    • KCD2-ST-Ex2

    • KFA5-SOT2-Ex2

    • KFA5-SR2-Ex1.W

    • KFA5-SR2-Ex1.W.LB

    • KFA5-SR2-Ex2.W

    • KFA5-SR2-Ex2.W.IR

    • KFD2-SH-Ex1.T

    • KFD2-SOT3-Ex2.IO-Y1

    • KCD2-SON-Ex1.R1

    • KCD2-SON-Ex1.SP

    • KCD2-SON-Ex2

    • KCD2-SON-Ex2.R1

    • KCD2-SON-Ex2.SP

    • KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB.SP

    • KCD2-ST-Ex1.LB.SP

    • KCD2-ST-Ex2.SP

    • KFA4-SR2-Ex2.W

    • KFA5-DU-Ex1.D

    • KFA4-SR2-Ex1.W

    • KFA4-SR2-Ex1.W.LB

    • KFD2-SOT2-Ex1.LB

    • KFD2-SOT2-Ex1.LB.IO

    • KFD2-SOT2-Ex2

    • KFD2-SOT2-Ex2.IO

    • KFD2-SOT2-Ex2.IO-Y181008

    • KFD2-SR2-Ex2.2S

    • KFD2-ST2-Ex1.LB

    • KFD2-ST2-Ex2

     Pepperl Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP safe barrier 100% original

    We are specialized in intelligent instruments, including : control system, transmitters, flow meters,sensors, recorders, analyzers, control valves, controllers, PLC’s, etc.

    We mainly supply YOKOGAWA, Siemens, Honeywell , Rosemount, Endress Hauser, ABB, Weidmuller, ABB, MOELLER, Schneider Electic ,Omron ,Fluke ,PEPPERL+FUCHS,etc.

     Pepperl Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP safe barrier 100% original

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    It will take 3 to 7days to reach in your hands.

     Pepperl Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP safe barrier 100% original


    Imported with original packaging or standard export packing.Customize design is acceptable.

      Pepperl Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP safe barrier 100% original

    Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15-U1-A2-T inductive sensor
    Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15-U1-A2-M inductive sensor
    Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15-U1-A2 inductive sensor
    Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15-U1-A0-T inductive sensor
    Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15-U1-A0 inductive sensor

     Pepperl Fuchs KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP safe barrier 100% original

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