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HKXYTECH Pepperl+Fuchs Safety Barriers KFD2-STC5-EX1.2O in stock with good price

  • Specifications

    HKXYTECH Pepperl+Fuchs Safety Barriers KFD2-STC5-EX1.2O in stock with good price

    Main feature of HKXYTECH Pepperl+Fuchs Safety Barriers KFD2-STC5-EX1.2O in stock with good price:

    • 1-channel isolated barrier
    • ​24 V DC supply (Power Rail)
    • ​Input 2-wire and 3-wire SMART transmitters and 2-wire SMART current sources
    • ​Signal splitter (1 input and 2 outputs)
    • ​Dual output 0/4 mA … 20 mA, current sink/current source
    • ​Terminals with test points
    • SIL 2 (SC 3) acc. to IEC/EN 61508

    Function of HKXYTECH Pepperl+Fuchs Safety Barriers KFD2-STC5-EX1.2O in stock with good price:

    P+F products .JPG

    This isolation barrier is used in intrinsically safe applications.

    The device is available with 2-wire and 3-wire SMART transmitters and can also be used with 2-wire SMART current sources.

    It transmits the analog input signal to the safe area as two isolated output signals.

    Digital signals can be superimposed on input signals in hazardous or non-hazardous areas and transmitted in both directions.

    The device provides sink mode or source mode outputs on the safe zone terminals.

    The device has an internal resistor. Use this resistor if the HART communication resistance in the control circuit is too low.

    A test socket for connecting the HART communicator is integrated in the terminals of the device.

    Approvals+Certificates for HKXYTECH Pepperl+Fuchs Safety Barriers KFD2-STC5-EX1.2O in stock with good price:

    Statements of compliance

    Certificate No.

    File Type

    File Size

    EU decleration of conformity / EU Konformitätserklärung    DOC-3658A    PDF    55 KB    

    UKCA-Declaration of conformity / UKCA-Konformitätserklärung    DOC-5296    PDF    73 KB    


    Australia New Zealand SIMTARS Group I    ANZEx 21.2004X    PDF    340 KB    

    Belarus Pattern Approval    Nr. 11709    PDF    15640 KB    

    Brasil TUV Rheinland Brazil    TÜV 19.0464X    PDF    1452 KB    

    CML IECEx Certificate of Conformity    IECEx CML 17.0016X    LINK    —    

    Canada UL cUL    E106378 cUL (QVAJ7)    LINK    —    

    Canada UL cUL    E106378 cUL (QUZW7)    LINK    —    

    China NEPSI    GYJ19.1284X    PDF    2772 KB    

    China SITIIAS CCC Ex Certificate    2020322316001440 (Singapore)    PDF    1125 KB    

    EAC EAC TP TC 012/2011    TC RU C-DE.AA71.B.00291    PDF    2516 KB    


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