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High quality Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount

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    High quality Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount

    High quality Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount

    01. Overview of Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount

    The Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter delivers a best-in-class solution for high density temperature measurement applications. It is the ideal transmitter for obtaining up to eight temperature measurements in close proximity to each other, which reduces wiring costs and simplifies installation. Engineered with Emerson’s measurement validation diagnostic, this transmitter helps you predict on-scale failures and avoid unnecessary shutdowns, increasing safety and productivity.

    02. Specifications of Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount

    Eight independently configurable inputs, including 2- and 3- wire RTDs, thermocouples, mV, 2- and 3- wire ohm, and 4-20 mA signals
    Output Signal
    FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus protocol
    Plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel junction box
    Measurement validation
    Hazardous location, marine type, see full specs for complete list of certifications

    03. Features of Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount

    • Transmitter accepts up to eight temperature measurements per device for reduced process control costs
    • Measurements can be taken in close proximity to each other for simplified installation and reduced wiring
    • Receives independently configurable RTD, thermocouple, ohm and milliamp inputs for high density applications
    • Integrates existing analog instrumentation into FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus environment for added digital functionality
    • Bus-powered transmitter further reduces the amount of required wiring to install the device
    • Measurement validation diagnostic detects data abnormalities and on-scale failures to avoid shutdowns
    • Device dashboards display an easy interface for simplified device configuration and diagnostic troubleshooting

    04. Selection Guide for Rosemount Temperature Transmitter: 

    Rosemount 3144P Rosemount Temperature Transmitter 3144P;

    Rosemount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter 648 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter 644 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 248 Wireless Temperature Transmitter 248 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter 148 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount


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