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Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter 148 Rosemount

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    Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter 148 Rosemount



    01. Overview of Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter 148 Rosemount

    The Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter is a standard device that can be used with multiple sensor type inputs, providing a cost-effective installation and improved measurement accuracy when compared to wire direct solutions. This transmitter is available in a DIN B style head mount configuration with enclosure and housing options. For reliable performance in process environments, this device has a 4 to 20 mA signal that withstands noise and provides ambient temperature compensation.

    02. Specifications of Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter 148 Rosemount

    Single sensor capability with universal sensor inputs (RTD, T/C, ohms)
    Output Signal
    4-20 mA Analog
    DIN B head mount
    Hazardous location, see full specs for complete list of certifications


    03. Features of Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter 148 Rosemount

    • Device used with multiple sensor type inputs for adaptability
    • DIN B style head mount with a variety of DIN B enclosure options provides a cost-effective solution
    • 4 to 20 mA signal withstands noise for reliable performance in process environments
    • Ambient temperature compensation enhances performance and process quality
    • PC-based HART® configuration interface delivers necessary programmer, cables and software for transmitter configuration

    04. Selection Guide for Rosemount Temperature Transmitter: 

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    Rosemount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter 648 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter 644 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 248 Wireless Temperature Transmitter 248 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter 148 Rosemount;

    Rosemount 848T Temperature Transmitter 848T Rosemount


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