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Yokogawa EJA118E DP Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm Seals

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    Yokogawa EJA118E DP Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm Seals



    The EJA-E series of transmitters is Yokogawa’s most recent evolution of the DPharp family. Released in 2012, it combines the ruggedness and success of the work-horse EJA-A series with the performance of the thoroughbred EJX-A series to deliver the type of product you have come to expect from Yokogawa.

    The EJA118E is a Differential Pressure Transmitter with remote diaphragm seals.

    EJA118E features include:

    ± 0.2% Accuracy

    200 ms Response Time

    Exida and TUV SIL2 / SIL3 Certified

    Local Parameter Setting (LPS)

    10-segment Signal Characterizer

    Active Capillary Fill Fluid Density Compensation

    Yokogawa EJA118E DP Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm Seals

    Measurement Types
    Primary Variable Differential Pressure (DP)
    Secondary Variable Static Pressure (SP)
    Reference Accuracy
    Primary Variable ±0.2% of DP Span
    Secondary Variable ±0.5% of SP Span
    Response Time
    Primary Variable 200 msec
    Secondary Variable 500 msec
    Primary Variable M-Capsule: 40:1
    H-Capsule: 20:1
    Specification Conformance
    EJX-A Series ±3σ

    Model and Suffix Codes

    Yokogawa EJA118E DP Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm Seals

    Transmitter body section

    All EJA-E series models in their standard configuration, with the exception of the Fieldbus,PROFIBUS and Low Power types, are certified as complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement.

    EJA-E series models:

    Yokogawa EJA110E Differential Pressure Transmitter EJA110E Yokogawa

    Yokogawa EJA118E Diaphragm Sealed Differential Pressure Transmitter EJA118E Yokogawa

    Yokogawa EJA510E and EJA530E Yokogawa Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitter

    Yokogawa EJA130E Differential Pressure Transmitter EJA130E Yokogawa

    Yokogawa EJA210E Flange Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter EJA210E Yokogawa

    Yokogawa EJA310E Absolute Pressure Transmitter EJA310E Yokogawa

    Yokogawa EJA430E Gauge Pressure Transmitter EJA430E Yokogawa

    Yokogawa EJA438E Diaphragm Sealed Gauge Pressure Transmitter EJA438E Yokogawa

    Yokogawa EJA440E Traditional-mount High Gauge Pressure Transmitter EJA440E yokogawa

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