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    HKXYTECH MTL4549C ISOLATING DRIVER MTL4549C in stock original and genuine made in UK with one year warranty time

    two-channel, for 4–20mA, HART® valve positioners with line fault detection The MTLx549 accepts 4/20mA floating signals from safe-area controllers to drive 2 current/pressure converters (or any other load up to 800Ω) in a hazardous area. For HART valve positioners, the module also permits bi-directional transmission of digital communication signals. Process controllers with a readback facility can detect open or short circuits in the field wiring: if these occur, the current taken into the terminals drops to a preset level. The MTL4549C and MTLx549Y are very similar to the MTLx549 except that they provide open circuit detection only (i.e. no short-circuit detection)

    HKXYTECH MTL4549C ISOLATING DRIVER MTL4549C in stock original and genuine made in UK with one year warranty time


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    HKXYTECH MTL4500 Isolation Barrier SM45-55-AO
    HKXYTECH MTL4500 Isolation Barrier SM45-55-BI Original and genuine
    HKXYTECH SM45-55-SAD MTL4500 Isolation Barrier SM45-55-SAD
    HKXYTECH SM45-5501-SR MTL4500 Isolation Barrier SM45-5501-SR
    HKXYTECH MTL SMx 531-82 MTL4500 Isolation Barrier SMx 531-82 SMx 531-82
    HKXYTECH MTL INA5500 MTL4500 Isolation Barrier INA5500
    HKXYTECH MTL4500 INM5500 Isolation Barrier INM5500
    HKXYTECH MTL4500 Isolation Barrier MTL4500-5500-ACC
    HKXYTECH MTL4500 Isolation Barrier MTL4500-5500-CS

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