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Mobrey Nice brand 003 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch 003 S 0 / M03 100% original brand new in stock

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    Mobrey Nice brand 003 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch 003 S 0 / M03 100% original brand new in stock

    003 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch




    The Mobrey 003 Ultrasonic Level Switch are manufactured in Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) for corrosion resistance in most liquids. This range of sensors can be mounted in any position in a tank using either a 1-in. or ¾-in. thread available in BSPT and NPT thread forms. A thread is provided on each side of a hexagonal boss to allow either external or internal / pole mounting of the sensor.

    Comprising a one piece moulded body with an integral pcb, the 003 level switch is factory sealed and supplied with a 10 ft. (3 m) flying lead for customer connection.

    The Mobrey 003 switch is designed for high or low level alarm duties to give a voltage free contact or solid state transistor output for alarm signalling or as part of a pump control system.



    The moulded body contains two piezo-electric crystals, one each side of a gap at the tip of the sensor. An ultrasonic signal is transmitted from one crystal into the gap, but if there is air or gas in the sensor gap then the signal is not received by the other crystal. However, if there is a liquid present, the signal will be transmitted across the gap and the integral electronics will switch the output circuitry to signal the presence of a liquid.


    Typical applications

    • Low level alarms in header tanks
    • Pump control duty in feeder tanks
    • High and low alarms in storage tanks
    • Level and pump control in storage tanks
    • Small or thin wall tanks
    • Bund level detection
    • Steering gear oil


    • Relay or solid-state output
    • Corrosion resistant PPS construction
    • 1-in. or ¾-in. threaded mounting
    • Small in-tank dimensions
    • 24 Vac or dc powered
    • Lightweight
    • No moving parts
    • Self-contained liquid level alarm
    • Manufactured in Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) for corrosion resistance in most liquids
    • Threaded process connections for tank mounting
    • European Directive compliance



    The 003 sensor may be mounted at an angle in the vessel, although care should be taken to ensure that the liquid is free to drain out of the sensor gap. Position the sensor away from entry or exit points to avoid areas of excessive turbulence or aeration, and avoid installation in the direct flow of liquid. Ensure a clearance of at least 1 in. (25 mm) from all sensor surfaces to vessel wall to avoid forming air pockets or sludge traps.


    Mobrey Nice brand 003 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch 003 S 0 / M03 100% original brand new in stock

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