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Beamex MC4 hand held calibrator MC4 Beamex 100% orginal

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    Beamex MC4 hand-held calibrator MC4 Beamex 100% orginal

    beamex MC4-portrait

    01. Introduction of Beamex MC4 hand-held calibrator MC4 Beamex
    Beamex MC4 is a compact hand-held calibrator with an easy to use graphical
    user interface.
    Beamex MC4 is a documenting Multifunction Calibrator with calibration
    capability of temperature, electrical and frequency signals. If a
    pressure module is installed, then it also handles pressure signals.
    As Beamex MC4 is a documenting calibrator, instrument data can be sent
    from computer to calibrator MC4 Beamex and calibration results can be uploaded from
    MC4 Beamex to a computer using Beamex CMX calibration software. With
    calibrator MC4, making automated and documented calibrations of process
    instruments is fast and easy.
    Being a Beamex calibrator MC4 represents the high, uncompromised
    quality standards evident in other Beamex calibration
    equipment. It is another MC calibrator you can rely on and a
    calibrator that completes your range of MC calibrators.

    02. Features of Beamex MC4 hand-held calibrator MC4 Beamex

    The Beamex MC4 is a versatile calibrator with many functions. There’s no need to take several measurement devices to the field because the MC4 Beamex will do the job.

    The MC4 is a highly accurate process calibrator. As proof, each calibrator is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate.

    The graphical display, menu-based multilingual user interface, and full numerical keyboard make the calibrator MC4 quick and easy to use.

    03. MC4 Hardware

    Beamex MC4 hand-held calibrator MC4 Beamex 100% orginal MC4 Hardware

    04. Connections



    Beamex MC4 hand-held calibrator MC4 Beamex MC4 connections

    The picture above is of a calibrator MC4 with an internal pressure module.
    Because the pressure module is an option Your MC4 Beamex may not
    necessarily have it.

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