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HKXYTECH Fluke-700RG30 Calibration tools FLUKE-700RG30 with PRESSURE GAUGE

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    HKXYTECH Fluke-700RG30 Calibration tools FLUKE-700RG30 with PRESSURE GAUGE

    Key features of HKXYTECH Fluke-700RG30 Calibration tools FLUKE-700RG30 with PRESSURE GAUGE

    • Precision pressure gauge calibrators designed for fast, accurate test results
    • Make precise pressure measurements from ±10 inH2O/20 mbar to 10,000 psi/690 bar
    • Highly accurate; 0.05% measurement uncertainty for 1 year
    • Easily view in most environments with bright backlit display
    • Take your gauge anywhere with a rugged protective holster

    Product overview: HKXYTECH Fluke-700RG30 Calibration tools FLUKE-700RG30 with PRESSURE GAUGE

    The Fluke 700G Series Pressure Gauge Calibrators are designed for field pressure calibration, providing customers with the performance and durability expected of Fluke pressure calibration products with ease of use. Whether the customer wants to connect to a hydraulic or pneumatic test pump, this series wants to be a complete calibration solution with the following features: 

    23 pressure gauges from ±10 inH2O/20 mbar to 10,000 psi/690 bar 

    With standard accuracy of 0.05% of full scale and reference grade gauge accuracy of 0.04%, customers can find the most suitable gauge. 

    Pressure gauge data logging The Fluke 700G Series Pressure Gauge and Pump Kit is designed for pressure testing professionals who work with process pressure instrumentation. 

    The pressure range of the 700G gauge covers the range required for process pressure calibration needs, it includes gauge pressure +/- 10 inH20 (+/- 25 mbar) to 10,000 psi (0-690 bar) and absolute pressure from 0 to 15 psia ( 0-1 bar) to 0-300 psi (0-20 bar) and reference grade pressure gauges from 0 to 30 PSI (0-2 bar) to 10,000 psi (0-690 bar). Standard accuracy is 0.05% of full scale Reference grade meter provides 0.04% of reading measurement accuracy It records pressure gauge data from over 8,493 pressure measurements into memory and uploads to PC (using 700G/TRACK software) Robust design with intrinsically safe certification Rugged, sealed IP-67 enclosure with protective boot Allows you to work safely in classified areas known to contain explosive gases: CSA: Class 1, Div2, Groups A-D Ratings ATEX: II 3 G Ex ic IIB T6 Gc Standard 3 Year Warranty Easy-to-use pressure solutions 

    This pressure gauge calibrator is the easiest to use of all the pressure calibration tools. Power up the device, connect to the pressure device you want to measure and view your measurements, it’s that simple. 

    When used with the Fluke-700PTPK Pneumatic or 700HTPK Hydraulic Pump Kit, the 700G becomes a complete pressure source and measurement solution. The 700PTPK2 and 700HTPK2 premium pump kits provide easy connection to meters and devices under test, providing “no tools” connection. When the meter is paired with a special pump kit, it has a complete pressure calibration solution Calibrated to 600 psi (20 bar) using a 700PTPK or 700PTPK2 Air Pump Kit. Calibrated to 10,000 psi (690 bar) with a 700HTPK or 700HTPK2 hydraulic pump kit.

    We can also supply  HKXYTECH Fluke 179 TRMS Digital Multimeter with temperature readings FLK179


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